186 – Why the head of the elephant for Ganesha

Did Shiva know that Shakti had created a beautiful boy to be her protector? Shakti was very upset as she had nobody to take care of her. Whomsoever, she created, Shiva took them away and they became Shiva’s followers. Does this not happen in many marriages and Shakti and Shiva are the ultimate power couple.

They are together for ever and ever. They are equals. Therefore she created Ganesha. Of course Shiva knew. Shiva and Shakti represent the eternal principles governing life. Shakti was the creator of the universe and a connection had to be established between the materialistic universe and the divine nature. This connection was only possible by Shakti creating a son and it could not be the son of Shiva as Shiva is consciousness and she is the creator.

Ganesha was a normal boy, and Shiva realized that he had to fulfil a role. He had to become a bridge between the material, the gross and the spiritual world. He could not have an ordinary, human mind. He needed a mind which represented the greater mind. The elephant’s mind and the elephant’s head represent the mahat tattwa, the greater mind. This is the actual meaning of having the elephant’s head and it expresses that a person is using his mahat shakti.

We use our manas shakti, which is the rational mind. We are influenced by our thoughts, desires, likes, dislikes and aspirations. Our behaviour is influenced by our manas shakti. We do not even apply our buddhi or other shaktis. We continue from birth to death, with manas shakti influencing us. However, in Ganesha’s case, as he is the master of the mahat element, he is in control of the four aspects of the mind, manas, buddhi, chitta and ahamkara.

We regard Ganesha because of the mahat element and as the first God to be worshipped before starting any project or journey, be it material or spiritual.

By practicing tattwa shuddhi, it is possible for us to stride on the path of mysticism. Start with breath awareness.

Ganapati Aradhana, Yogadrishti series by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati.

Aim Hrim Klim


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