230 – Meditation of compassion

What is the meaning of compassion? Compassion in the classical teachings of the Buddhist tradition is described as “the heart that trembles in the face of suffering”. What is atmabhava, means feeling for others like you do for yourself.

Close your eyes and think about someone you love. Pray for their well-being and for forgiveness for them. Then graduate to more loved ones and your enemies. Pray for them to be forgiven and ask for them to be compassionate. Keep extending the circle until it comprises the universe. For ourselves dwell on becoming empathetic, caring, not remaining in isolation or indifference, nor be in a fugue of hatred. Expand your atmabhava, the sense of self hood. Find a place in your heart for people who are unknown to you.

To think about others in the same way as we think about ourselves, would change the world and make it a beautiful place.

Aim Hrim Klim


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