312 – Empty your heart

Let it fill with divine energy and boundless love. How do we do this? By helping others is the quickest method. Love is the healer and true love is if we can love someone even if they are critical of us.

There are no conditions, and it is not like I will scratch your back and you will scratch mine. It is not that I will love myself first, and then I can give love to others. How do we get here in order to express compassion for others?

We learn to be aware of our breath. It is very simple, all you have to do is visualize your breath while inhaling, ascending from the navel to the throat, and while exhaling visualize the breath descending from the throat to the navel. We say So when the breath ascends and Ham when the breath descends. Practice for twenty minutes daily. In this time, you will be refreshed, and your negative thoughts will be squashed.

We have many attachments, and our closeness to God is lowest on our list. Our mind bonds quickly to money, to man or woman and material things. This is desire and passion. So, a switch takes place in our aspirations… It is transferred to love for God, and this is Bhakti, which fills our heart with love. And this manifests itself in thinking about others and atma bhava.

Atma Bhava leads us to the worship of God and an overflowing heart. We are never short of love as our heart is like a bottomless pit, which is brimming with love and it is reciprocated to us by our actions. The practice of Ajapa Japa, which I have described redeems us. You will never feel the lack of love.

Aim Hrim Klim


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