319 – Difference between Karma and Karma Yoga

You create karma when you act with yourself in mind, with your personal desires and motivation. When you act, not for yourself but as a service, the mind is freed, and you experience the benefits of karma yoga.

The Bhagavat Gita states that every action produces threefold reactions – desires – aversion and a mixture of both. If you receive a gift, if you want it, you are happy. If you do not want it, you are unhappy. Your mind is then affected by negative reactions. You are disturbed. Anything can happen because the karmas affect your personality and behavior. Now we must find a way to resolve this and that is accomplished by doing karma yoga, when the consequence do not affect us.

To reduce our karmas, practicing anuloma viloma will help us. Visualize the breath with prana, going in and out of the left nostril 27 times. Now visualize the breath with prana going in and out through the right nostril 27 times. Lastly visualize the breath with prana, going in and out through both nostrils 54 times. Count backwards every time and if you make an error start again. You are performing a neutral activity, you are visualizing the prana in your breath and your concentration is on the counting. Your flow of thoughts is minimal and therefore your karmic burden is also reduced.

Aim Hrim Klim


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