383 – Visualization from the Devi Sukta

Why is the Devi Sukta important?

It brings spiritual and material wellbeing to the believer, listener, and the reader. If one is neither and is only a believer in the power of The Goddess, then the visualization will help. The Devi Sukta destroys all illusions in one’s mind. The Devi Suktam cleanses one’s mind of all apprehensions and suspicions.

It removes all the misfortunes and imperfections of the devotees. A suktam is a hymn in praise of the deity intended a collection of very beautifully composed incantations is called a sukta.

Read the two suktas attentively, pause and visualize.

Om, I move through the gods of storm and light, through the gods of all heavens, through all the gods. I uphold the lords of the day and night, the sovereign of the atmosphere, the god of fire and the benevolent celestial guardians.

Here the Primordial Shakti declares that she is the very source for every entity of the universe. The Rudras are the life forces. They also represent the sensory function and mind, similar to Indra who is the deity who represents mastery of the Indriyas (senses). That is why the Vedas recognize Rudra and Indra to be one.

The vasus are treasures, both external and internal. The vasus are a group of eight gods, who serve Indra and personify the waters, the pole star, the moon, the earth, wind, fire, light and dawn. Aditya refers to our solar system which revolves round Surya, the sun. The twin ashvin deities are the cosmic doctors. They also represent the twin breath within us.

I bear the nectar of immortality. I support the creator of living beings, the protector of the universe, and the gracious lord of prosperity. I bestow wealth on those who prepare the sacrifices and offer the oblations with an attentive mind.

I release the bliss (soma), which brings you beyond body and mind, where you realize yourself as consciousness (atma). I provide the cosmic architect, tvashta. I power purusha the nourisher and Bhagam who dispenses bhaagya. I provide and maintain the merits and wealth promised by a Yaaga (yagna) conducted by one who spreads the bliss of divinity through the action.

Drawn inwards senses

Reading these two verses, one has to understand that when Devi manifests in one’s heart and mind, there is a surge of electricity of such high voltage and transformation of such a powerful nature that one is reborn. One’s senses are drawn inwards, and one is in a state of blessed concentration (dharana).

Close your eyes.
Breathe in and out through both nostrils without making an effort.
Count breath backwards from 54, without making an error.
Now visualize the Goddess and place yourself at her feet. Be humble and modest. She is the Mother of Creation and she knows you. Be transparent.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Sonika Agarwal on Unsplash

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