394 – Do you have a lock or do you have a key?

How are we going to solve this mystery? I have a key and I am seeking the lock. I have a lock and I am searching for the key. To understand the practice of Yoga (balance and harmony within), we need to seek the key and then find the lock.

There are many kinds of locks and keys. Catch, switch, latch, connect, unite, clasp, padlocked. The keys are everywhere but we do not know how to use them. The locks are also present, how do we understand how to unlatch, unclasp or switch them off. What do we lock and what do we open?

Key to unlock awareness. How do we use this key? A neutral activity when one watches oneself. How does one do that? Become aware of your breath. Count the breath backwards. Make no errors in the counting, because then you have to start again. Here you are engaged in a neutral activity, on the counting and being aware of your breath.

Pratyahara and Antar Mouna

Lock the door to your senses. Pratyahara is sensory withdrawal. Again, a key is required for pratyahara, this time you are attempting to switch off. How? Practice Inner Silence (Antar Mouna). Close your eyes. Become aware of the sound of your breath, this is internal awareness. Become aware of the sounds around you. Do not attempt to identify, who or what is making the sounds. Listen to the most distant sound and the closest sound. This is external awareness. Practice for ten minutes. Open your eyes.

Unlock the door for Dharana (concentration). Close your eyes. Become aware of your breath rising from the navel to the throat. Visualize it ascending from the navel when you inhale and descending from the throat from to the navel. Chant So, when you inhale and visualize the breath ascending from the navel to the throat and Ham, when you exhale, visualize the breath descending from the throat to the navel. So, Ham is the sound of your breath and it is the merging of the individual breath with the cosmic breath. The sadhana is called Ajapa Japa, chanting from the heart. Practice for twenty minutes.

You have two keys and a lock.

I have a lock which has no key and it belonged to my mother-in-law.

Aim Hrim Klim


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