479 – 10 Divine forms of the Goddess

Das Mahavidyas are the divine forms of the Goddess. They are very powerful forms of the Goddess and can be worshipped in their individual manifestations. Their origin is when Sati manifested herself into the ten forms of Adi Shakti because Shiva would not allow her to attend her father’s Yagna uninvited. Both Sati and Shiva had not received an invite. When Shiva found that he was surrounded by these Goddesses in every direction, he agreed to attend the function.

Who were these Mahavidyas?

They are Kali, Tara, Tripura Sundari, Bhuveneswari, Chinnamasta, Bhairavi, Dhumavati, Baglamukhi, Matangi, and Kamala.

Kali destroys evil and saves the innocents. She is the divine protector who bestows moksha. Her mantra is Aum Kreem. Her puja is conducted on Saturday and Tuesday. Her color is black.

Tara is the goddess of compassion and protection. She is worshipped both in Hinduism and Buddhism. She is sometimes considered as the female Buddha too. Tara is also worshipped for her maternal instinct. Her mantra is Aum Treem. Her days are Saturday, and one should give on this day. Her color is blue black.

Tripura Sundari represents Devi, and she portrays joy and compassion. She is also known as Lalita, and she displays the state of awareness. Her mantra is Aim Sauh Kleem. Her color is white, and she is worshipped at sunrise.

Bhuveneswari is considered the mistress of the entire universe. She frees one from fear and grants one freedom. Her mantra is Hreem. Her color is white, and she is worshipped on the full moon days.

Chinnamasta is both giver and taker of life. Her blood represents the prana. Her color is that of he million suns. Her mantra is Hum.

Bhairavi is known as the fierce goddess. She is the provider of all perfections, and she urges her disciples to have no fear and anxiety. Her mantra is Hstraimh Hsklreem Hstraumh. Her color is that of a million suns.

Dhumavati means that she is made of smoke. She is characterized as a widow, and she delivers the lesson of seeking eternal truth. Her mantra is Dhum, and color is ash.

Bagalamukhi is the goddess, who paralyzes and silences one’s enemies and controls the tongues of all evil beings. She removes the evil, which exists within us. Her mantra is Hrleem. Her color is yellow. Her days are Tuesday and Thursday.

Matangi is the goddess associated with pollution and is also the tantrik goddess of knowledge, music, and art. She controls the effect of the sun. She also works on heart problems, blood pressure and grants jobs. Her mantra is Kamini Ranjini Svaha. Her color is Black.

Kamala is the tantric form of Lakshmi. She is the Devi of wealth and prosperity. She is a giver, who performs to ensure devotee’s prosperity. Her mantra is Shreem. She is the color of light.

Forms of Adi Shakti

As you see each of the Goddesses are entities to be revered and at the same time are forms of Adi Shakti.

In all the meditations and chants dedicated to the supreme mother, what is asked is humility, and a pure heart. When there is misuse, it leads in later life to the devotee suffering.

A pure and humble heart is the path for the blessings of the Das Mahavidyas. Which again means to be free of our thoughts.

Aim Hrim Klim


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