782 – Goodbye Narcissism. Hallo Atmabhava.

Dear ones, I have written on this subject before and it means feeling the pain and distress of others. According to my Guru, the sum and substance of spiritual life and the best teaching of Vedanta is Atmabhava.

Do we empathize with others as if it is our own pain and distress? If we did, would we be having such acts of destruction and terrorism on our planet? We would not be attacking and destroying each other.

God permeates the whole universe which is composed of the elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether. What have we done to the elements? We have trampled on mother earth, with our greed. The wildlife is being destroyed and the forests are becoming decimated. Water sources are drying up and many bodies have become toxic. In many places there is drought and the fish are dying. It is a chain and the chain is having its links broken.

Fire is worshipped and now it has turned into a monster, devouring forests because there is a scarcity of water on account of us growing crops which require an abundance of water. Air is what we took for granted but single handedly mankind has made it toxic. The climate is changing. Lastly ether which is defined as sacred space is affected by the toxicity of the elements.

What can we do? We can develop feelings of compassion for others and this means also for the elements. We are also constituted from the elements. Conserve energy, consume less and remember the Creator, who is present everywhere. I know it is difficult when one is told to remember God, but our daily acts of kindness can enable us to become closer to the divinity within us and to the Creator.

Daily acts of kindness mean not wasting food, water, and energy. You may think that I am exaggerating but start by taking only as much food as you need. Do not be greedy, be ready to share and give. Bear in mind how much energy and water goes in growing food. Water is consumed by us as if we have a stream running behind our home.

Conserve water, there are parts on earth which have barely enough drinking water, rivers, wetlands and rain forests are dying. Energy means what we use for heating, cooking, driving and travelling on planes and ships. Every act of ours when we perform it unthinkingly, we waste valuable energy.

Highest attainment

Atmabhava means include everybody within your own heart. The Vedas, Upanishads describe it as encompassing affection for all the creatures of the universe. It is considered the highest attainment to see everyone in oneself and oneself in everyone.

Dear ones, those of you who are kind enough to read my daily blog, keep in mind that by practicing Atmabhava, we can restore mother earth to its pristine self. We can eradicate violence and terrorism, when we learn to treat everyone as equals.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Jong Marshes on Unsplash

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