833 – Sayings of the Masters

Swami Sivananda

Simple life is a veritable blessing, because it makes one free from cravings and desires, which cause suffering and pain.

Bhakti is a force that will influence our civilization, culture and relationships.

Empty yourself. Tune your radio. Unite your mind. The rest will take place when the proper time is due.

Swami Satyananda

True knowledge depends on the purity of mind.

Unfavorable conditions pave the way to everlasting spiritual strength. It is only under adverse circumstances that the mind really becomes steady and strong.

Before you try to experience the light, experience the reality within yourself, you will have to exhaust the impressions, either in meditation or in your process of life.

Swami Niranjananda

You can remove the obstacles in your ongoing future life by praying just once.

For acquiring self-knowledge, one has to practice Sadhana.

Transform every act of yours into an act of Yoga.

Dear ones, if we are mindful of even one saying, we can change ourselves.

Aim Hrim Klim


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