832 – Maha Shivratri

I am sharing a mantra with you, dedicated to Shiva, seeking atonement and blessings.

Om namaste astu bhagvana visrvesrvaraya mahadevaya
Trayambakaya tripurantakaya trikalagnikalaya
Kalagirudraya nilakanthaya mrityumjayaya
Sarvesrvaraya sadashivaya sriman mahadevaya Namah.

Literal meaning

Oh Lord, salutations to you, Oh, Lord of the Universe, Greatest of them all
He who has three eyes, he who gives enlightenment, Which is beyond three worlds
He who likes fire, devours all three times (Past, Present, Future) within himself.
Like Time, he who ends everything, Vast like the blue sky, Conqueror of death.
Lord of all Beings, Consciousness which is untouched by the world yet everything in the world is because of him, OH great Lord, salutations to you.

Interpretive meaning

Oh lord, may I humbly offer these salutations to you, who is the Lord of the Universe, limitless and effulgent, all knowing, the one who projects, sustains and takes back the universe, the one who is timeless and also the destroyer of all time, all pervasive, the conqueror of death, the Lord of all and the ever auspicious one who is always a blessing.

Significance of the Slokam

It is chanted when one seeks atonement and blessings. It is an intense Shiva Chant that instills an immense sense of peace and clarity of the mind. Through this mantra, we learn to surrender our mind to true reality and gain the power to face any obstacle.

The Namaste Astu Bhagvan mantra is written by Sri Adi Shankaracharya. With this Stotra we can perform mental worship.

When chanting Om Namah Shivaya, we must try to remember his divine qualities reflect on his auspiciousness. His name means pure, holy and divine.

Aim Hrim Klim


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