837 – Meditations

The Temple of Nature: Rig Veda

Nature’s beauty is an act of God
Let us feel the touch of God’s invisible hands.
In everything beautiful
By the first touch of his hand,
Rivers throb and ripple
When He smiles the sun shines,
The moon glimmers, the stars twinkle,
The flowers bloom
By the first ray of the rising sun
The universe is stirred,
The shining gold is sprinkled
On the smiling buds of rose;
The fragrant air is filled
With sweet melodies
Of singing birds.
The Dawn is the dream of
God’s creative fancy.

Chandogya Upanishad 1.10 & 1.11

The Upanishad describes the conversation between Ushahasti (learned sage and he was highly regarded as a Vedic Scholar) and the Prastava, Udgitha and Pratihara priests of Vedic Yagya.


  1. Which is the Devata of Prastava (everything auspicious and worth mentioning)? Prana. One should meditate upon Prana as all beings rise from Prana and merge in Prana (during creation, and dissolution respectively).
  2. Which is the Devata of Udgitha ((Hymn)? Aditya. All beings sing the praise of Aditya (Sun) when he rises.
  3. Which is the Devata of Pratihara (A door or a gate)? Anna. All beings live by taking Anna (food).

Prana-Aditya-Anna points to a life cycle. During meditation one meditates on the individual prana, then meditates on the Sun connecting it to the cosmic Prana. Food is like the prasada or grace of the cosmic Prana (God). The Anna or grace of God enlivens the individual Prana. This results in realization that individual Prana and cosmic Prana are the same.

Dear Ones, read these meditations and practicing them, you will find yourself transformed.

Aim Hrim Klim


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