892 – Who has control of the tongue and the mind?

Goddess Baglamukhi is the eighth Dasa (ten) Mahavidya (Goddesses of Wisdom). Her name means one who has control of the tongue and of the mind. She provides control over one’s emotions and misbehavior (anger, jealousy, etc.).

In the Yogic Sadhana it is very important for one to learn how to how to control one’s feelings of negativity. All of us are subject to feelings of self-pity, self-inflicted emotions of inadequacy, humiliation, and alienation.

When we start our sadhana, we follow a pattern. We chant Aum, three times at the beginning and end of the practice.

  1. The chanting of Aum enables one to quieten one’s mind.
  2. One practices breath awareness, which enables one to further disengagement with the thoughts.
  3. Asanas are performed. An Asana is a communication with oneself. They are described as prayers, because one concentrates on three aspects, on the pose, on the breathing which leads to the balancing of the prana and if one uses a mantra, on it.

Ma Baglamukhi gifts one self-control and the will to continue on the path of self-realization.

She is also worshipped for protection from evil and correct guidance in matters of litigation, acrimonious divorces and court cases.

Aim Hrim Klim

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