294 – How to live our life?

It is a question which is dominant in our mind and sometimes we never find the answer? It leads to dissatisfaction and frustration. The answer is within us. We have to know how to find it. It is not easy and the key to this lock is Yoga. Yoga means balance between the body and mind.

What is the next step?

You are not feeling well. You may be recovering from the Covid virus. You need to practice some simple asanas and pranayama. Which asanas should you do? Take tada asana, which is the tree pose. It not only restores your balance mentally and physically but activates the mooladhara and ajna chakra.

Practice prana mudra pranayama next. Prana mudra pranayama can be done standing or sitting. I am going to describe a simpler version. Stand with your feet together. Place your hands below your navel forming a cradle. Now inhale and raise your hands, your fingertips touching each other slowly going past each chakra. Mooladhara is at the tip of the cervix for women, and for men between the scrotum and anus. Swadhishthana is at the tip of the tail bone, manipur is behind the navel in the spinal column, anahata is behind the middle of the breastbone, visshudhi is behind the throat pit, and ajna is behind the eyebrow center.

Stretch your hands outside wards at ajna, with the palms facing upwards, as if containing the prana. Pause as long as you can and then bring your hands together, the fingertips touching and go down to the original pose, exhaling. Pause holding the breath outside and start again. Practice eleven times. Do not be disheartened if your breath does not hold out that long. Just keep repeating the name of each chakra. It will energize the chakra and the prana in it. This practice of Tada Asana and prana mudra pranayama can also be done when you are suffering from blood pressure, depression, insomnia and stress.

Ujjayi pranayama

Insecurity, doubt, and suspicion require the practice of mantra yoga. The simplest sadhana is the practice of ujjayi pranayama and the chanting of the mantra So Ham. Ujjayi means victory over breath and So ham is the sound of your normal breathing and it means merging of the individual breath with the supreme breath. Ujjayi pranayama is when you inhale, then contract the windpipe, pause, and release the contraction, while exhaling. The sound that is made is like a baby’s snore. When you inhale chant So and when you exhale chant Ham. Practice daily counting your breath backwards, 54 times. This also works for depression, stress, and anger.

Karma Yoga

The practice of Karma Yoga, improves your personality, enables you to be rid of negative traits, to be empathetic and compassionate. Karma Yoga is to work without expectation of reward, and to put in your best in whatever you do. Your load of karma becomes lighter, and you are not bowed down with expectations.

If you combine all these sadhanas in your daily life, you will definitely find that you are able to pursue a satisfactory life. A life which combines awareness and spirituality.

Aim Hrim Klim


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