309 – Us and our Gurus

We idolize our mentors and think of them as God. They are human and have come in the form of man. I had a conversation with Rishi Sukadev and he pointed out to me that even a murderer had a soul and there was goodness within him. I had said that I could never talk to a murderer or a rapist. After he said this, I thought deeply about it.

It is interesting how one reads about the goodness residing within us but how many of us can understand this about others. It was in a flash I understood what he said. My Guru has also spoken about our soul, which is uncontaminated by our acts. It is joyous when we embrace it and change ourselves. It is helpless in the sense that it is an observer, and it is purer than the ice in the Himalayas, the home of Shiva.

The guidance of teachers and masters

I am writing today because we forget the guidance which our teachers and masters have given us. We hurl stones at them for misdemeanors, which if an ordinary mortal had committed we would brush them aside. We have elevated them to the platform of Devas. We forget that the Devas were very irresponsible and playful. They walk on a tightrope and if they succumb to temptation, they are back in the cycle of Karma. They know when they commit a wrong or a crime, and that retribution will come. It is their ego which has dominated them and their arrogance is no different to that of a politician.

So where are we in this? We have a heart and we have the guidance of our ajna chakra. We pray for wisdom and this wisdom guides and makes us fearless. We must acknowledge the teachings of the masters, which have transformed us. Along the path of spiritual awareness, there are many sages who we will meet and it is because of their blessings that we can use our power of discrimination and judgement.

Aim Hrim Klim


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