333 – Four qualities we must cultivate

1. Discrimination, as described in the Bhagawad Gita (2:62-63) by Sri Krishna, “When one thinks of objects, attachment for them arises; from attachment desire is born; from desire anger arises; from anger comes delusion; from delusion loss of memory; from loss of memory the destruction of discrimination; from the destruction of discrimination, one perishes.” Continue reading

331 – Who is Maya?

Maya is the greatest artist and juggler. She casts a spell on us and makes the impermanent permanent, the impure pure and pain becomes pleasure. We imagine that we will always have desires, passion and will always be in love. The whole world is a net of maya to ensnare us. Continue reading

309 – Us and our Gurus

We idolize our mentors and think of them as God. They are human and have come in the form of man. I had a conversation with Rishi Sukadev and he pointed out to me that even a murderer had a soul and there was goodness within him. I had said that I could never talk to a murderer or a rapist. After he said this, I thought deeply about it. Continue reading

281 – Say sour and your face puckers

“Keep time! How sour sweet music is when time is broke and no proportion kept! So is it in the music of men’s lives….”

“Things sweet to taste prove in digestion sour.”

William Shakespeare.

The taste of sour is composed from earth and fire. It creates heat in the body, and it’s oily and hot. Its positive virtues are that it creates appreciation, understanding, discrimination and comprehension. Its negative traits are criticism, jealousy, rejection, hate, agitation, selfishness and hyperactivity. It is located on the front edges, along the tapered curve of the tongue. It affects the lungs. Its movement is downwards. It enables our digestion and appetite. It stimulates our metabolism. Continue reading