334 – What Yoga should I practice?

According to Swami Satyananda, in order to understand what kind of Yoga Sadhana is to be practiced, one has to know what is going in with oneself. If one is physically unwell, one has to take up asanas and pranayamas. If one is depressed, consumed with anxiety, blood pressure and insomnia, one must practice meditation. If one is suffering from mental exhaustion, one must practice pranayama.

If one is beset with insecurity, doubts and suspicion, one must practice mantra-chanting. If one is without faith, and does not want to confront life, then jnana yoga is the choice. Lastly for an emotional personality with anger, greed or passions, bhakti yoga is the answer. Lastly if one does not have any of these characteristics and wishes to be on a path of self-improvement and realization, then Karma Yoga is the solution.

Now to choose. Karma Yoga improves one’s relationship with one’s life. Karma Yoga enables one to unburden the karma, which we are weighed under. Bhakti Yoga improves one’s relationship with one’s emotions. Hatha Yoga improves the physical and the mental health. Raja Yoga works on the quality of the mind by releasing the unconscious and subconscious negative forces. Jnana Yoga improves the quality of one’s intellect.

In order to lead a life of subjective well-being, one has to combine the different branches of yogas, keeping one’s traits in mind.

Aim Hrim Klim


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