455 – Be warm and well


Parmahamsa Satyananda said,

Man is born with his breath and with his subtle prana, which is the essence of breath, he departs. Breath is man’s soul companion.

Daily practice of Prana Vayu Mudra pranayama will keep you well in the winter season. Prana Vayu mudra pranayama concentrates on the flow of prana in the area above the diaphragm and the throat. In prana Vayu mudra, the mantra used is Om Pranaya Swaha.

Prana Mudra is placing the tip of the thumb, middle finger, and ring fingers together. The tip of the thumb represents fire, and lungs, the middle finger represents ether, and the heart constrictor vessel, and the ring finger represents earth, the triple heater which maintains the temperature. Daily practice this pranayama will help one to fight coughs and cold and have a speedy recovery. 11 rounds of the pranayama with repeating the mantra either aloud or mentally.

Very effective for children and elderly persons. The visualization of the prana as streaks of light moving downwards between the throat and the navel with the breathing and mantra is calming and restive.

Stay well and at peace.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

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