770 – Namaste Surya, Namaste Chandrama

Who does not love the sun and moon? There is a charming story about the sun and moon. A very fragrant flower called ‘Raat ki Rani’ (Queen of the Night), or Night Jasmine, fell in love with the sun, but he ignored her. She was heartbroken and decided that she would only flower at night. Then there is the sunflower is called Suraj Mukhi, which opens and gazes at the sun in the day and closes in the evening.

Lord Surya is the chief ruler of the Navagraha (the nine classical planets), which include seven planets in the solar system as well as the sun and the moon. He is described as riding a chariot with seven horses across the celestial sky in order to dispel the demons of the night and darkness. Each of the seven horses is thought to represent a color of the rainbow, with a specific chakra.

Lord Chandra (shining or moon), is also known as Soma. He is associated with the night, plants and vegetation. He is one of the Navagraha’s and is also one of the guardians of the directions. The moon has great significance in Hinduism. It represents many aspects of creation, life, emotions, mood and mind. The crescent moon adorns Shiva’s forehead.

Dear ones, gaze at the sun and the moon. When the sun shines, look at the sun like the sunflower. Chant the Gayatri mantra, which specifically invokes Surya. When the moon is full remember that it has completed its one cycle around the earth. This symbolizes the end of a chapter in one’s life and the beginning of a new chapter. Receive the divine blessings, through the brightest light of the moon.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Rejaul Karim on Unsplash

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