831 – Namaste International Women’s Day


Live in the presence of the Divine Mother. Close your eyes and visualize nature. Nature with her diamond, dazzling stars, the milky way, the flowers, the birds, clouds, mountains, sky – the countless beauties of creation – is the Divine Mother. In nature you behold the divine aspect of God, which is the mother. It is full of human kindness, beauty, gentleness and kindness. The beauty in the world bespeaks the creative motherly instinct of God, and when we look upon all good in nature, we experience a feeling of tenderness within us – we can see and feel God as Mother in nature. – Swami Yogananda

Dear ones, all of us love nature and it does not matter whether we are females, males or trans. This love that we experience is maternal love and love which is unconditional. We all have it in us and it has nothing to do with what gender we are. And that is the miracle of God.

What should we think about on International Women’s Day on March 8th? Remember the Divine Mother connect with her as she loves you. Prove to her your genuineness and sincerity. She does not discriminate and therefore this special Day is for all of us.

Awaken your feelings of love, compassion, empathy and atmabhava. Let it be an ongoing process. Let every day in your lives be International Women’s Day.

Meditate on Silence

In this meditation let the silence speak to you. Gaze at the Dawn. Look at water in the river, pond, look at a flower, its silent fragrance, and let your silent gaze wander. You do not have to be in a forest, you can be anywhere listening to the speech of silence. Be comforted and feel enveloped in this tenderness and softness. The Divine Mother perceives you as whole, and that is how you view yourself, and others as whole.

If we can accomplish this task, then we can eradicate all evil.


Aim Hrim Klim


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