195 – Mesmerizing colours

Who does not love the colours of the seasons? There is no misunderstanding and there are no clashes. In the Hindu tradition, we have different colours for different days of the week. There are numerous arguments on the subject.

Colours of the Gods

White is associated with Monday for Shiva, and the moon. The stone worn is pearl or moonstone. Red is for Tuesday, for Hanuman and for Mars. The red coral or ruby is worn. Green is for Wednesday for Ganesha, Krishna and Mercury. Amethyst or cat’s eye is worn. Yellow is for Thursday for Guru, Vishnu and Jupiter. Carnelian or sapphire is worn. Light Blue and White are for Friday, Devi Ma and Venus. Rose quartz or topaz is worn. Black is for Saturday, Lord Shani and Saturn. Turquoise or diamond is worn. Orange is for Sunday, Surya and the Goddess. Sunstone or red garnet is worn.

Colours of the chakras

We also have the colours of the chakras. Crimson for the Mooladhara, which represents grounding and vitality. Vermilion for Swadhishthana which represents creativity and passion. Yellow for Manipura, which represents power, authority, ego, and spirituality. Blue is the colour for the Anahata chakra, which represents our feelings, contact and sincerity. Violet is the colour for the Visshudhi chakra and it represents communication with detachment and conviction. Silver is the colour for the Ajna chakra and it represents intuition, and empathy. The sahasrara chakra is multi-coloured and has the virtues of all the colours.

The next question it is a lot of information and how can we apply it to ourselves. Firstly we must attach no superstition to this. If it is possible to wear a different colour each day, go ahead or invest in a multi-coloured scarf. It is the easiest and wisest. Regarding the gems if you can afford them, wear them, enjoy them. Our politicians wear different colours every day. They may be wearing a waist coat or a saree, with a splash.

Colours of equal rights

When I think of the rainbow flag, I appreciate the wisdom of the LGBTQ Pride. Baker in 1978 designed the flag. He saw the rainbow and was inspired by it. The message was that gay people must come out, be visible and live in the truth. He saw the rainbow as a natural flag from the sky. He adopted the eight colours for the stripes, each colour with its own meaning (hot pink for a relationship, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, turquoise for art, indigo for harmony and violet for spirit). The colours were changed as there was a problem in production and now it is a six striped flag (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet).

Feels familiar, the colours of our beloved chakras.

Aim Hrim Klim


Photo by James A. Molnar on Unsplash

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