James Swartz – Action, renunciation and indifference to objects – Talk 9

Actions won’t remove ignorance. Actions and ignorance are not
in conflict. Knowledge will remove ignorance. By sadhana you
don’t remove the basic ignorance: I am the doer! Moksha is the
negation of the doer. Actions don’t give lasting happiness.
Verse 4: Supreme love of your self. The immortality benefit. All
your worries stop, no tension anymore. The instinct to do
something to survive is produced by ignorance. Its a beautiful
world. Verses 5-7: Everything is perfect. Teaching is perfect. No
need for a new teaching. It does not generate desires. Turning
everything over to the Lord. You are like a baby. Verse 8: Spirit
of renunciation. You hurt yourself with the fear thought. Its good
to get rid of things. Renunciation of worldy and spiritual duties.
The wonderful power of desire to make the lifes of people better.
Desire is your life force. Verse 9: For renunciate objects
are value neutral because they are inert, matter. Value is
projected of conscious beings on inert objects. You only
experience the thought of an object. The location of objects
teaching. Inference versus direct perception. The value of an
object is projected by your conditioning depending on your

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The meaning of Sannyas

Sukadev is talking about Sannyas and its importance to life, to society and yourself. Sannyas means renunciation. There are two aspects of Sannyas, on one handside it is a monestic life which means to dedicate completly to the spiritual part of life. Listen to this podcast to learn more about Sannyas.

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Renunciation as the Essence of Spiritual Life

Renunciation is an important but not very popular topic in modern spirituality. Still: Krishna said in the Bhagavad Gita: Verily, nobody will become a Yoga without renunciation. Yet, what is renunciation? It does not mean running away from your duties. What it means in the context of Vedanta, you can hear in this Podcast.

Morning Talk by Swami Atmaswarupananda. Recording from a Satsang in Sivananda Ashram Rishikesh