547 – The power of worldly possessions

We all love our possessions and are happy to be possessed by them. Many of us tend to think of our loved ones as possessions. When you look at the meaning of this word, it means ownership, custody. Is it possible to own someone? What happens to us when we think of some object as belonging to us? It grasps us and we wish to have it with us, permanently. Continue reading

514 – Food

Taittiriya Upanishad: All bodies are composed of food. Food is the most important of all things; therefore, it is the best medicine for all the body ailments. Those who look upon food as the lord’s gift, shall never lack life’s physical comforts. The physical sheath is made up of food, within it is contained the vital sheath, which has the same form, with prana as head, space as heart and earth as a foundation. Continue reading

445 – Worship of Kali by Ramakrishna

Why did Ramakrishna worship Kali? Ramakrishna had the divine vision of Kali and he was always in communication with her. One does not know whether Kali chose him to express her divinity through him or he chose Kali.

Who is Kali? Is she the Shakti of Shiva? Continue reading