826 – Queen of the Night and King of the Day

These are two very fragrant flowers. Queen of the Night (Raat ki Rani) or night blooming Jasmine only flowers at night and King of the Day (Din ka Raja), or day blooming Jasmine only flowers in the day. The Raat ki Rani is a fragrant white flower with an orange stem. It flowers at night and the next morning; one sees a bed of orange stemmed flowers around its base. This happens every night and if one did not know about this tree, one would be surprised that there are no buds on the tree. Continue reading

660 – Flower theft

My dear ones you are shocked that I am writing about theft. It is such a strong word. It came to my mind when I was looking at my orchid in my apartment in Yoga Vidya. I feel very proud of it, and it looks so graceful. In India, in New Delhi where I live people pluck flowers for their early morning prayers. They like to offer fragrant smelling flowers to the deity. I admire this ritual, I myself do not offer flowers as I feel that their fragrance and beauty should be shared by humans and the birds. Continue reading

488 – How to offer flowers to the Deity

There is a ritual to be followed when one offers flowers to the Deity. There are many flowers which can be offered. Some of the favorites I have listed below.

Hibiscus—Botanical name Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis. The goddess loves the Hibiscus flower. It is her favorite flower. The hibiscus belongs to Kali. She represents empowerment, and with that comes destruction of evil. Therefore, she is considered a fierce Goddess. The red hibiscus is symbolic of Kali’s tongue. She portrays a form of energy and this blood symbolism becomes life affirming and it ties her to the life forces that pulsate in all of us. Continue reading