826 – Queen of the Night and King of the Day

These are two very fragrant flowers. Queen of the Night (Raat ki Rani) or night blooming Jasmine only flowers at night and King of the Day (Din ka Raja), or day blooming Jasmine only flowers in the day. The Raat ki Rani is a fragrant white flower with an orange stem. It flowers at night and the next morning; one sees a bed of orange stemmed flowers around its base. This happens every night and if one did not know about this tree, one would be surprised that there are no buds on the tree. Continue reading

118 – A tribute to fathers

I have always read about maternal love, not so much is mentioned about the paternal love. Many fairy tales have an evil father. After the death of the mother the step mother is unkind to the children and the father does not interfere. In our spiritual literature we have numerous instances of fathers who abandon their wives, in order to have a male child. Growing up my judgement was coloured by these stories. Continue reading

Spiritualise your Relationship

Yoga in daily life – Yoga in relationships. In this Yoga Podcast, Narayani and Nalini speak about how to live Yoga and ┬áSpirituality in a longterm relationship. They share some personal experiences from their marriages and give precious insight. They don’t talk about Tantra Sex etc., but rather about developing respect and supporting each other. Nalini and Narayani are 2 female Yoga Teachers from Delhi and London – both teaching at Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany from time to time.