360 – Retaliation and its effect in our daily life

When does one retaliate or does one never seek retribution? I am having a daily crisis in my life and I just am not able to handle it. I have two cats which live in my balcony. They are mother and son and are non-violent. They have never caught a bird or mouse. Even the birds skim over the boy’s head when he is asleep. It is a miracle as they have been born and raised in our balcony. Continue reading

358 – Am I wise or am I stupid?

I thought about it this morning. Being stupid is being comfortable with oneself. One has no doubts; one does not exert one’s intellect. One is not moved by anything as one does not apply one’s mind to it. Food is eaten and no thought is given to the next meal. The clothes worn by one are okay and sleep comes when one’s eyes are closed. There are fears as one has no demands and one is ready to face another day. Continue reading