169 – Sankirtan

Sankirtan is a form of song or chanting that praises God and is performed in a public setting. The term comes from the Sanskrit root, kirtan which means praising, celebrating or glorifying. San comes from the word samyak which means complete. According to Swami Satyanananda Saraswati, the easiest and simplest sadhana is the path of Sankirtan. Continue reading

112 – Mantras and their magic

Mantra is the psychic sound. In the science of mantra yoga, each person has a different psychic personality. The mantra is a specific sound of the spiritual system. In ancient times when the rishis were meditating, they overcame their sensory awareness, mind awareness and time stood still for them. And finally they came to ether awareness where they were able to hear all the different sounds of the vibrations in the cosmos. These sounds were called mantras. Continue reading