804 – Why does a Hindu bride wear special adornments?

A Hindu bride was decorated with sixteen adornments on her wedding day. These adornments are called Solah (sixteen) Shringar. This ritual has been practiced since Vedic times. The story behind Solah Shringar is that Rati, who before she became the wife of God Kamadev (God of Love) was very plain. She prayed to Lakshmi and performed a severe penance. Lakshmi blessed her with sixteen adornments and Kamadev fell in love with her and married her. Continue reading

761 – What we learnt as children in a Hindu home

It was unspoken. We knew that God would bless us. Since most of us asked for help to get us out of trouble. It depended on whom one asked. Favorites were Ganesha, Hanuman, Durga, and Saraswati. There were certain simple rituals practiced at home. They were not in your face but they were there. The lamp, and the incense made one aware of the light and the fragrance. And if on the way to school one passed a shrine, one closed one’s eyes for a moment. Continue reading

757 – Who is a Hindu?

Dear ones, my eldest granddaughter is writing a story about a boy living in a Hindu family. She is half German and she has been coming to Yoga Vidya since she was two. Her two younger brothers have also been coming. Well, she rang me up and asked me what being a Hindu meant. She associated it with being religious. Continue reading

607 – What is in a name?

Names are very important for us. They affect our life. Their meaning carries a positive or negative connotation. Therefore, names influence our behavior and how one is treated by others. In the Hindu way of life, a name carries a spiritual and aspirational significance. They are based on the names of gods, virtues or homage is paid to a holy place. The name impacts one and that is why when a baby is born in a Hindu home, the conjugation of the planets is taken and the alphabet for the name selected. Continue reading